Friday, 17 August 2012

Photo Shoot at NATC

NATC commissioned a photo shoot of its good looking and hardworking team against the backdrop of our modern and stylish office. The photos were taken on Wednesday, 15 August by Cachelle Ink.

Getting a professional to come in and capture one's office, staff, and the whole vibe is so worth it. We will be using these photos for many many purposes: our website (as we really need to update ours), our blog, our Facebook page, our company flyer and profile and all our proposals and bids.

The head shots really look fantastic. 

They are all on our Facebook page and you can see them here. Here are some of my favourite ones:


  1. Who are you trying to fool? You will never look serious with that cheeky monkey sticker on your laptop haha.
    Glad to see these pics are far better than the ones taken at the opening party ;o)

  2. haha! I know - that cheeky monkey totally spoils my so-called serious image!