Friday, 2 March 2012

Evening Tea on the Terrace

Haresh and I are sitting on our rooftop garden sipping our evening tea and eating cheese and tomato sandwiches, listening to Coke Studio songs. It is a great way to end our grueling work days. 

Haresh made a wooden floor and walk way using the left over planks and wood chips from materials for the floor for our fabulous new office. The floor under the chairs is in the same diamond design as the one at our office. 

He also installed a couple of lights (a red light bulb for a romantic mood and a plain energy saving light bulb for normal moods) and an electrical outlet to plug in appliances. It turns out I can also browse on the terrace! 

The garden is coming along even though I really do not seem to have any green fingers at all. My poor plants have started to revive since I have been back from Pakistan. I am planning on adding more fauna and flora. 

We also made friends with someone who has started to grow a herb garden in her balcony and plan to exchange seeds for wine in the near future. It would be nice to have my own mint, coriander, parsley and basil! 

Here's a few pictures taken with my Macbook's Photo Booth but rest assured you will see more cheesy photos in more blog posts as I am so boring and have nothing else to do:

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