Friday, 2 March 2012

Business Loan Approved: Giant Leap for the Company

Celebrate your happiness with a chocolate cigar. 

My company (New Africa Technology Company) has made a great leap forward today. We had our loan approved and I signed the offer this morning at the branch close to our office. It is a small loan: $ 20,000.00. I say small because we have taken a lot of credit from the local and overseas market and, have spent a lot of money on building our new office. Most of the loan will be used to pay the market but we have agreed among ourselves to use a portion of the funds to invest back into the business. We will probably import some hardware and software and we have some great ideas already. 

The payment terms cover a period of six months. The interest is 13.5% per annum and 4% flat (processing and documentation fees). The interest is quite high to say the least. 

The whole process from the initial discussions to application; from site visits from the bank to following up every single day and so on, has taken around a month which is not so bad at all. 

Haresh and I have been kicking ourselves for not asking for more but it is a start.  

It felt so good to sign the documentation this morning. I came back to my desk and immediately lit one of my vanilla mini cigars! Haresh also got inspired to have a celebratory smoke even though he has weak lungs. 

I feel like using phrases such as "Liberia is booming;" "There's a good borrowing climate in Liberia;" "Prospects for technology goods and services are quite high." They always sound so impressive and financial.

We are really very excited about the future growth of our company and the kind of heights we are envisioning for ourselves: IT tycoons of West Africa; getting into software development (developing our own OS and making billions out of it); building an R&D Centre; and much more, as far as the imagination stretches. 

I feel rich already!

I don't have a picture for this post but it does remind me of Charlie Brown distributing chocolate cigars when he gets a new baby sister, Sally. I've tried to google that moment and get a picture but simply can't find it. I guess my googling skills are badly wanting.

Meanwhile, I remembered that lo and behold, I actually have a chocolate cigar myself! It's a beautifully presented black praline cigar and I have one left. Here's a picture of my chocolate cigar and mini vanilla cigar taken with my Photo Booth on my Macbook, upside down.

Haresh and I will pose for a photo with our cigars some other day. I am sure there will many more moments of celebration which will call for chocolate cigars.

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  1. Congratulations! And yes, let's eat lots of choco-cigars!
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