Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday walk

I walked back from yet another potluck lunch at friends at Oasis Compound. A group of friends started the potluck series on weekends and, various friends hosted it. Most recently, it's just our friends Justin and Jyoti who have continued hosting it. And kudos to them for their time and energy! I used to think I had the most josh and jazba for entertainment but Justin and Jyoti are quite more advanced in their social obligations. 

These potluck series were dubbed feasts of gluttony by our friends. Today, there were 4 types of chocolate cake and brownies! 

I left Kavita to continue playing Kavin and friends and, told Haresh to come later. I bid farewell to my hosts and, looked forward to walking and digesting all the delicious food. 

I took some photographs, of course, along the way, to capture my walk on this sunny Sunday. 

See the photographs of girls dressed in their finery for Eid. 

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