Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nights in Gluttony

Attended yet another evening of Gluttony and Talk, hosted in a wooden house on stilts in Mamba Point. I have walked past this house so many times but could not see it properly because of a big iron gate. The house had beautiful balconies decorated with stringed lights and a hammock, even one where our hosts have their breakfast. 
This group, initially formed through a Sunday Hash run, the run itself which only lasted about 30 minutes, in the hot midday sun though a dusty village, got together for the second time but has grown bigger. 
I invited some Pakistani friends of mine who contributed karhi pakoras which became an instant hit. I myself cooked murghi in potato greens and plain rice. Another friend brought his signature mutton, which Haresh  had helped to buy from Era Supermarket by driving our friend from Mamba Point to and back in Sinkor. Other friends brought chicken curries, salads, hummus and a lovely tart. 
Kavita tried to wake up her best friend Kavin the whole evening but to no avail. She then chit chatted with the adults in the breakfast balcony and later was pushed to and fro while lazing about in the hammock. 
After the food was consumed and savoured in our gluttonous mouths and minds, some of the friends went back home. The brave ones who were left proceeded to another friend's house to smoke special cigarettes under the 12 colours of the full moon and be lulled by the lapping ocean waves. 
Kavin luckily woke up and Kavita jumped up and down to celebrate. Afterwards, they enjoyed cartoons together while the adults smoked on the balcony.
While most of the evening had been reminiscing about Prince's genius, this time Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan played in the back, with his soaring "Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai, " a perfect compliment to the smoky atmosphere. 
It really was a perfect Friday night.

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