Thursday, 28 April 2016

Good evening

We have not been going for our regular evening exercise this week. We're letting a nasty-looking bacterial infection on Kavita's leg fully heal over. 

Initially we thought it was a mosquito bite and Kavita had scratched it to death and was just bleeding a little. When the scab wasn't forming properly, we thought it was a fungal infection. We self medicated and got a fungal cream from a pharmacy. Over the weekend we were at Caesar's Beach and Lagoon and, Kavita was in the water nearly all day. She also ran a fever on Sunday and Monday. 

We finally decided to take her to the doctor on Tuesday. Of course, everyone was nervous. However, the doctor was very professional and really helped to calm Kavita down. He checked everything and determined that we needed to apply an anti-bacterial cream. He also gave us a fever medicine. 

We told him we made a mistake by taking her to the beach but he said it was good to expose kids to the elements and different bacteria. This would help their immune system.

He even advised against the need for a malaria test. He was sure the fever would go away and her symptoms weren't malaria-like. 

So, we've stayed at home this week. Today, Haresh went to Congo Town for a rehearsal amongst the groomsmen for a wedding we are attending this weekend. 

Here's a few pictures of Kavita and I taking it easy on the rooftop. I hope Kavita will go to sleep so I can have the TV to myself. 

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