Tuesday, 28 February 2017

La La Crap

Am very shocked and surprised at how a film going by the name of "La La Land" picked up so many awards at various film festivals and award ceremonies. I saw a glimpse of a trailer sometime last year and, was not intrigued or curious about it in the slightest sense and was quite confused at how a seemingly bland, pop-candy style song and dance routine made it so far. And, sure enough, as the awards seasons wore on, the film kept picking up awards and accolades. And injury on insult, it got nominated for almost every important category at the Academy Awards. See the clips for the Best Actor and Best Actress categories: the performance glimpses are nothing out of the ordinary. They are neither thrilling nor dramatic, neither mind blowing or difficult. And lo and behold, Emma Stone picked up the Best Actress Award. Her bland, sugary, highly superficial performance in a so-called white-ensemble homage to Golden Hollywood was rated at the same level by maestros like Meryl Streep and Isabelle Huppert. Which Hollywood era was being dug up in nostalgia? One with a completely white cast? Emma Stone couldn't string a sentence together for her acceptance speech. Her speech was devoid of eloquence and emotional gravitas. What was this pimple-faced "junior artiste" doing on stage? Why was she being lauded for this performance over other more senior actors or, more solid performances by Ruth Negga or Natalie Portman? And, why was Viola Davis' performance dumped in the Supporting category? "La La Land" really belongs in the Trump era of mediocrity and harking and barking back to a paradise past which history tells us was not so golden or perfect after all. "La La Land" - without even watching it - is bland, unimaginative fluff; it's airy and pretentious; it's sawdust; it's last year's trend; it's feel good cheesy cheese; it's mediocre; it's cheap instant coffee; it's completely embarrassing. The Academy Awards once again shock and awe film lovers. On one hand they honour and immortalise films but on the other, completely dismiss truly deserving performances and works of art. And it's outrageous they stole "Moonlight's" moment of glory by goofing it up.

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