Monday, 13 February 2017

Kavita's first day of school πŸŽ’ 🏫 πŸ“š

So, Kavita finally starts school despite my resistance. All around and everywhere I was resisting the idea of sending my little child to the rat race for conformity, to private spaces where education is commodified, expensive and, its seemingly friendly and harmless space far out of the reach of ordinary children.  I didn't quite understand what the rush was to put Kavita in such a structured format and routine. Couldn't all this be delayed for now? What are they teaching these little kids? Rocket science? Shakespeare? But all my protests came to an end since I started a new day job at International Alert. Kavita's new school, Kid's Nest, is a few minutes away from my office. It just made sense for her to start school. And, guess what? She loves it. 

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