Thursday, 19 January 2017

Puraney ganey

At the one and only Radio City, which by the way has started stocking too many few music CDs. In fact, they have even given up the pretension and, have badly printed, illegible labels. I noticed one lady scanning the whole shop, and going through many many CDs until she found one jazz album she was going to purchase. She remarked the same thing: how come you have so many few music CDs?

Most people think I'm weird for still buying DVDs and CDs when streaming and downloading has been the rage for years now. I suppose I still like the whole activity of picking out a DVD from my shelf, popping into my DVD player, changing the cables accordingly, and, settling myself onto the sofa. And, ever since my iTunes library crashed, I like picking out a CD to listen to it.

I've lived "abroad" all my life and, love stocking up on movies, Pakistani TV dramas, and puraney ganey to enjoy in Monrovia.

And, I also like going to the Post Office to send cards and gifts.

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