Thursday, 26 January 2017

Beautiful clean coal

Just watched President Trump's address at the Republican Party Convention. The President is still on the campaign trail: his talk is full of promises, bellicose flourishes, crude adjectives and, brash brags. His demeanour is arrogant and, "struttish." His language is an offensive strut. 
He slowed down his strut to emphasise "Islamic terrorism" again, a menace he will eradicate. 
He will bring back "beautiful clean coal." He says it will all be "phenomenal."
And, he proudly informed his audience that the Mexican President has cancelled the visit to the US, because they don't want to pay for the wall. He is proud at losing the last few threads of diplomatic dignity. His entire campaign trail was obsessed with building a wall along the border with their own neighbour and, how he's proud at humiliating and pissing off his country's neighbour. 
And best of all, he says America is "blessed by divinity." What kind of divinity, is that?

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