Saturday, 3 September 2016

Evening walk

We decided to walk from Masonic Lodge down to where the former Happy Homes apartments used to be, beyond the former Crystal Oceanview Hotel. We enjoyed the sunset by the rocks, waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean crashing on the shore. 

The setting was quite beautiful, with the sheer green cliff and, the rocky ocean shore. 

Once upon a time, we used to go La Pointe all the time. It was possibly the most elegant restaurant in town with the most stunning views of the green cliffs and the rocky ocean line. Now, the same space has been taken over by Capital Room and I've not been again. 

We let Bijli loose and she enjoyed running all over the place. She kept eating some garbage that was strewn there. She took something out of a plastic bag and ate it. For a minute I though it a human finger but that was my over active imagination. Wonder what it was. 

When I first came to Monrovia back in 2003, I had befriended a Liberian girl who I used to take walks with around town. She and I once came to these rocks and actually sat on them and enjoyed the ocean. I don't think I've come back since that time. 

Despite how small Monrovia is and, that I've lived within the same vicinity for the past 13 years, there are some places I've not been back to in so long, probably because I've changed my walking routes. 

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