Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Evening walk on a trashed Mamba Point beach

Happy second day of Eid. We enjoyed a wonderful Eid dinner yesterday at our friends' Amna and Qasim's home where we were treated to a feast following by sweet saviyyan and tea. 

Instead of going to the usual Benson Street hilltop for our evening exercise this evening, we decided to go for a run on the Mamba Point beach. 

I used to live in Mamba Point from 2003 to 2004 in a house which housed the Carter Center for a few years after the fact. I used to come to the beach on by way home from work at WFP and play with children. I know some of the children who have grown up. Some folks still know my name and greet me either 'Susana' or 'Farzana' when I walk past. 

This beach  is directly opposite the fancy Cape and Mamba Point hotels and, UN vehicles and keke come here to get their cars washed. There are  NGO offices and apartment complexes in this part of town yet this is a completely trashed beach. 

I took many photographs this evening of the trash that has washed up on the beach: sandals, sneakers, empty tomato paste sachets, cassettes and plastic. There's also a picture of a dead bloated fish. If this is the trash that's been spit back out by the ocean, what is still in the ocean, mistakenly choking sea animals throats and necks? 

Why do we have such a polluted beach in one of the prime areas of Mamba Point  which houses important UN offices, US Embassy, and residences of high-flying officials? 

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