Friday, 23 October 2015

When friends bring you gifts

We put together a last minute dinner party in honour of our Italian Robertsport-born friend's return to Liberia. In fact, Luca came with us to Exclusive Supermarket on Center Street to buy the ingredients for a chicken biryani, came home with us to baby sit Kavita while we prepared dinner

I dared Haresh to try out a new biryani recipe given how soggy mine was. Kudos to him. He followed the recipe to the letter and made a perfect delectable biryani. The house smelled of saffron and sweet cashews. 

To top everything off, our friend Luca brought us some special gifts, including vintage Liberia stamps and extra virgin oil. 

Our friend Rukshan brought a bright colored dragon from Sri Lanka for Kavita. Looks exactly like the Game of Thrones dragon. ;-) 

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