Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday walk

We set out for an evening walk through Waterside this Sunday. Randall Street is pretty shabby in some places but it's still nice to walk it because it is so empty on Sundays and one can enjoy some details like the locks on closed shops or "Welcome" written in Arabic at an entrance.

Waterside is, however, quite filthy and depressing. Nevertheless, one found children playing football in it's dirty alleys. 

The walk reminded me of the time Haresh and I were mugged at knife point on the bridge a few years ago. 

The walk could have ended on a very good note. We wanted to take Kavita to the Chevron Children's Park but we were shocked to find out that it was closed to the public. Inaugurated by none other than Sirleaf herself, the park's guard told us we needed to get permission from the Mayor to get inside. We couldn't believe our ears. We left in a bad mood and tried to distract Kavita who really wanted to go inside. 

It was ironic to see a closed park just having seen children play the dirty Waterside streets. 

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