Sunday, 18 January 2015

Kabsa for Sunday dinner

Since food is one of the most common things that people talk about on social media, I might as well join the herd. 

Wesley taught me this dish and apparently he learned it in Qatar.

The chicken is cooked whole in rice with lots of spices. Minced beef is cooked separately and mixed in with the rice when ready to serve. The pot is turned upside down on a large platter and served grandly, garnished with herbs and sprinkled with lemon juice.

I didn't quite make it like that tonight but added some strips of carrot and raisins. It turned out quite well and made for a lovely Sunday night dinner.

I've been feeling anxious all day since tomorrow I start my stint with Mercy Corps, the first four days out in Ganta Nimba. Not only will I have to start a completely new routine, work "for someone else," but also be separated from Kavita!

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