Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I think I have to get a lawyer to draft a disclaimer for me which will be attached to all comments I make on social media and even go at the end of my E-mail signature. 

The disclaimer will say that Farzana Rasheed does not condone violence, terrorism, terrorism of any kind, state or non-actor type, peadophiles, abuse of women and children by priests and mullahs, violence in the name of religion, forced conversions, massacres of minorities, violence against women and children, violence against journalists, violence against animals, emotional and physical abuse, arms trade, nuclear proliferation, empire, slavery, colonialism, proxy wars, destruction of the environment, discrimination, racism, institutional racism, passive aggressive racism, blind racism, police brutality, occupation, apartheid, sex trafficking, prostitution, child prostitution, child marriages, racist propaganda, violence against gay people, hate speech, fascist regimes, religious fascism, female genital mutilation, religious fundamentalism, acid attacks, honour killings, rape, gang rape, suicide bombing, etc.

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