Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I am not a boring adult

I was at my best friend's kid's first birthday party and found myself trying to prove to some teenagers that I was not a typical boring adult.

It seems it's often an objective of mine to prove to kids that I can talk and play with them. It works with little kids but it can be rather tricky with older ones.

At today's birthday party, there were two teenage boys who I knew would soon be moving to Australia with their mother who was recently awarded a scholarship to go study Educational Leadership at a graduate level. 

I thought I'd try become friends with these kids by telling them everything I knew about Australia. 

"Do you know any famous Australians?"

They rattled off some cricketers' names. 

"No, no, no cricket references."


"Didn't you guys see Lord of the Rings?" 


"Well, Lady Galadrial! That's played by Cate Blanchett. She's Aussie."


"Any other names you know?"

Hmmmmm... They clearly weren't interested in this "Name a famous Aussie" game.

"Didn't you guys see X-Men?"


"Wolvervine! He's played by an Aussie. Hugh Jackman."


I repeated the same question with Thor. "Haven't you guys seen Thor? That guy is Aussie, too."

These kids were clearly not convinced I was not a boring adult. 

I laughed it off and told them to just watch a lot of Masterchef Australia to prepare for their 2-year move to Down Under. 

I might as well be a boring adult for saying that. 

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