Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ebola Rage # 3

I imagine ebola for the average lay person in Europe or Northern American must be like a horrifying and thrilling horror film as depicted by almost all the media - the initial plot revolves around show casing thousands of nameless Africans succumbing to a killer disease. Later the stories are dotted by the actual names and faces of a few heroic Americans falling sick and being evacuated back to their homeland and given experimental drugs which suddenly appear on the screen. Apparently this drug has no viable market and maybe research and tests are a long ways off. This drug does not reappear again although we continue to watch ebola ravage thousands more Africans. Local and international doctors plead for help for more doctors and help but they appear as irrelevant characters on the sidelines for dramatic effect. Towards the climax, the plague has managed to jump continents onboard planes and threatens a zombie apocalyse in the Western world. More screen time is given to airport screenings in Canada and the UK. The movie is now entirely shot in North America and how the President will show incredible leadership and save the say.

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