Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pouring Saturday

Hello, my name is Farzana and, I lose it from time to time. 

One of my staff, Samuel, who gets my bags every morning tells my housekeeper to tell me that there's a lot of water at the office. I was bathing the baby and, trying to get ready, and have the door knocked on several times and then my phone rings. My housekeeper is calling me urgently at the bedroom door to deliver this message. So, when I finally come out all annoyed, I yell in frustration, "Yes, OK, I'll deal with it when I deal with it! Stop bugging me!"

And, while struggling to assemble the stroller on the street level with Samuel's help, I lose it in frustration again since it's pouring and I can't see a thing since I'm wearing my glasses, and, say, "Let's hurry, there's water all over my face."

And then, I have a huge palava with one of those "Tinted Glass Boys" since they are making fun of me losing it.

As I walk through the rain, clumsily pushing the stroller and trying to hold an umbrella over my head, everyone is telling me, "Take time, baby's feet are getting wet." I am getting even more annoyed since I know it's raining and there's nothing I can do about it.

Kavita and I get to the office and YES, the entrance is flooded. I walk through the water and get soaked up to my shins. I am shocked how much water there is. I feel egg on my face.

It is bad but inside the office, it's OK. My whole team is there, busy unpacking a toner cartridge delivery and, making an inventory. I grumble Good Morning and, take off my wet boots and socks and roll up my jeans. Everyone at the office is walking barefoot, pants rolled up.

After putting Kavita down for her nap and, 3 cups of sugary, milky tea later, I excitedly take pictures of what's going on in front of our door.

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