Sunday, 23 June 2013

The "new" Royal Hotel's coffee shop

The "new" Royal Hotel's coffee shop and restaurant are delectable. 

As we walked into the revolving doors, I felt transported into a shiny, new world. The coffee shop is stylish and boasts an impressive selection of desserts, croissants, sandwiches and drinks - all priced very reasonably. One can feel everyone's excitement at finally being able to experience the coffee shop in Monrovia : a daily ritual of the modern urban dweller. The restaurant on the 4th floor has a sushi and "European" menu. After you finish comparing it to the original Living Room and shake off the nostalgia and give the new place a chance, you realise that the new space has managed to create an ambiance that will soon get under everyone's skin. With its unique views of Monrovia, its comfy seating on the balcony and, its very elegant and demure dining space, Diablo is going to be THE place to splurge in town. The food is top-notch. And, not to mention, they had some great smooth jazz playing in the background. 

I'm constantly reminded of the stark contrasts one can experience in Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world, making a come back. I am always amused by the meeting of the different worlds in this teeny, tiny tropical West African country: aid worker types splurging in fancy restaurants, the extraction industry types, the Liberian returnees, the missionary types, bushy tailed youngsters coming to save the world, and the local business types (that includes me!). 

Monrovia is a unique melting pot. 

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