Sunday, 16 June 2013

Morning Walks

The newness of everything that is at 6 AM

I'm really enjoying the morning exercise and, even more than that, the newness of everything that is at 6 AM. One's senses are quite alive at that time. As I walked to Benson hill, I could smell perfume lingering mid air, long after who ever it was had walked past. 

There are children who go down Benson Hill to throw away trash in the dumpster at the bottom of the hill. 

I see little girls walk down the hill, in their school uniforms, who linger for a few minutes to watch me huffing and puffing. 

There is a little boy who sits on the pavement on the top of the hill on the side of the Masonic Lodge observing with great interest the boys who are seriously training across the road. 

There are the women who are sweeping the road. I say hello to them whenever I see them, thanking them for cleaning the street. 

And, of course, there is the queue of visa applicants patiently waiting for the US Embassy open its doors for the first appointments of the morning. 

Speaking of, I noticed a mother with 2 toddlers asking for the address of the new US Embassy by the road block. I told the very smartly dressed lady to follow me as I was going there. I actually told her to take her time and, I would be briskly walking. I realised that without even working up a sweat, holding one of her little ones on her hip, she was keeping up with me and making small talk! 

It amuses me to no end that everyone is so fit! 

This post has some pictures I took of the old buildings at the bottom of the hill. They are quite magnificent. If I had lots of money, I'd buy them up and renovate them. One would be a boutique hotel. One an art gallery. Another a coffee shop. 

Meanwhile, I can take more time out to take some photographs of other old buildings in central Monrovia. I hope they eventually are preserved for future generations. 

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