Monday, 22 November 2010

The Love of Chicken Brought Us Here

Because fried chicken and liberty go together

There's a new KFC-style fried chicken fast food restaurant in town - right here on Randall Street. Nope, this is not a pulling-your-leg-Starbucks-is-across-the-farmer's-Co-Op stunt. It's bright and shiny and it's called Monroe Chicken. You can check out the pics below.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about it is its tag line: "The Love of Chicken Brought Us Here." That is FUNNY. It's not just silly funny, it's clever funny. 

I have been working on my new company logo and branding for the past couple of months so I find it wildly original. It's a hilarious play on Liberia's motto. 

And I shouldn't think it should ruffle any national feathers - no pun intended. Monroe Chicken is respectful of Liberia's fabricated and bizarre identity and history.  Everything about  the place is steeped in it - the motto, the colours, the red and white stripes, the lonestar, and the picture of Monroe. Gosh, it almost looks American.

So you get a bit of ironic history and some tasty fried chicken. What else do you need? And like I said before, the place is new and shiny.

And LORD KNOWS, we need new and shiny things here in shabby Monrovia. What's more, this is good for business - more business is good for business.

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  1. "Monroe Chicken" is so unique in its origin, setting,motto and foundation.
    It's founder is surely a genius of his time to having found a link between the body and mind: The tasty food that pleases a body in need of spicy and delicate meal,and the mind that has delivered his dream into a mere reality of unique existence.
    Our world is in need of Love,Spicy Meals, and a Great Achievers.