Friday, 5 November 2010

Halloween at the Darzi's

The Halloween party where we went was not so much fun as were the Halloween preparations that we subjected ourselves to.

The last time I wore a costume to a Halloween thing was back in 7th grade (ASB, Bucharest, Romania). So, here I was in 2010 participating in some Halloween fun. 

During our usual evening walk, H and I started kidding around about what we would wear to a Halloween party at one of the local establishments. We were not even planning on going nor indulging in costumes but we got excited as we walked and started tossing ideas about. Naturally, I came up with all the brilliant ideas such as draping ourselves with white sheets and pretending to be ghosts. 

If H will tell the story now, he will pretend he came up with the brilliant idea but readers, beware, it was my idea! 

So we shortened our regular grueling walk and made a detour to Benson Street where they have all the tailoring shops. We entered the first one we saw. 

So there we were, a couple of sweaty desi's overwhelming a small and modest darzi ki dukaan. H excitedly explained his (no, mine!) brilliant Halloween costume idea to the Madame of the shop. She had a quizzical look on her face wondering why we wanted to waste perfectly good silky white material by sewing a shapeless rucksack to put over our heads. But she and the tailor were amused and went ahead and sewed some not-so-scary-looking white capes for us in less than an hour. 

While waiting for the costumes, I had a good time chatting to the Madame, her name was Mariam and she took a liking to me, offering me a free soft drink and asking me about my nose ring. 

My noise ring is such a conversation piece. I am glad my mother made me get one when I was still a teenager. 

I also played with her little girls. 

Here is a couple of pictures of our adventures in the darzi ki dukaan

When we finally got to the Halloween event itself, I felt too claustrophic in my ghost costume and H only wore it for a few minutes. We were pretty bored afterwards - I think we had over excited ourselves during the preparations and everything else after that was anti-climatic. We had a drink and sat about watching the merriment around us and left shortly. 

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