Thursday, 26 August 2010

Some more important Tech News from NLTC

The weirdest little quirk: I can't seem to access my Gmail account on my laptop. It's just no good. However, I can get and send e-mails from my iPhone.

In fact, I have done all my business on my iPhone today. My fingers are tired.

Technology makes no sense at all.

And I make my bread and butter with it. No, not literally.

PS. As you can see, I do business with a very serious expression on my face.


  1. Love your faces!

    By the way, strange coincidence... I was just thinking this morning what would I do if something happened to my gmail account... I have my life in it! jaja

    Well, glad you can at least access it through your iphone for the time being...

    Hugs to you farz!

  2. Way to go babes....I am with you on technology making not much of sense to people like us...even if our lives depend on it : )

    Love the photos...Cheers. Ash.