Saturday, 18 March 2017

Shopping for antiques on Camp Johnson Road

I have started exploring Camp Johnson Road a little bit more on the weekends recently to scour for antiques.

Camp Johnson Road is full of shops selling second hand goods and, I've never given the Street much thought. I've gone to Camp Johnson Road to do some souvenir shopping at Mango Rags or Bosh Bosh but never paid much attention to the shops on the street, because it's a particularly shabby street.

Haresh told me that in the good old days, Camp Johnson Road was full of Indian-owned shops and used to be lit up like Diwali at night, every night.

In my rummaging amongst the shops, I have found some interesting things. Since I bought an antique camera in Saddar in Karachi last year, I went looking for a typewriter and indeed found one. As I looked in the shops, I found second hand items like crockery, furniture, and even books.

I realised that the flea market that is Camp Johnson is full of things imported from the US. The things have stories and a history but unfortunately, not rooted here in Monrovia. Other than that, it's fun to look through the shops.

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