Monday, 6 June 2016

Rainy Drive Around Monrovia

It was a really wet Monday. I had to go and withdraw money from the ATM machine and of course, none of the Ecobank ATM machines were working so we drove around town looking for a working Ecobank ATM. In the end, we had to withdraw cash from the UBA ATM machine at the top of Broad Street. Kavita was with me in the car. 

I have taken quite a lot of photographs of the city, covered in rain, with a gray, white sky. There are umbrellas everywhere. 

Central Monrovia is laid out like a grid and, many old, impressive buildings, many of which needs repair and renovation. There are government buildings like the old Central Bank and the former Ministry of Education which are abandoned and need to be rehabilitated. Some structures like the Whig Party headquarters on Ashmun Street are architectural gems need to be preserved and turned into public spaces, perhaps a university, hospital or museum. There are also much older colonial era buildings on Front Space which need to be preserved. 

Although Liberia has only 2 seasons - well, maybe two season and a half if you count the few weeks of Harmattan - but they are markedly different. 

Being a South Asian, I love the rainy season. 

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