Friday, 12 February 2016

White Oscars 2.0

In response to criticism of yet another year of white Oscars and calls for boycott, the response by fellow actors is:
1) "If you're good, you'll get it, be patient." 
Kind of like the grasshopper who played all summer instead of working hard like the ant. If you are a grasshopper, this advice makes a lot of sense. (Michael Caine, kind of surprised at his patronising tone despite his humble background)

2) "We are all African anyway, so stop complaining." 
If you are a Creationist and don't believe that the Earth is more than 6,000 years old, this makes no sense at all. (The great Meryl Streep)

3) "Boycotting the Oscars is racist towards white people." 
If you are an elitist, this makes a lot of sense. (Some British or French woman, white people all look the same anyway, who was in a Woody Allen once?)

4) "I can't boycott the Oscars, this is Leo's year."
If you are Leonardo di Caprio, this makes a lot of sense. (Kate Winslet) 

5) "Enough is enough."
If you are black or non-white this makes a lot of sense. (Jada Smith)

It really proves that most actors are well-trained monkeys (no insult to monkeys or primates or apes or chimpanzees) and can't really think for themselves.

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