Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My 26 July is on you

Liberians often joke that their holiday or weekend is on you. And, people often start to say it closer towards major holidays, like 26 July, which is Liberia's Independence Day. It is a very important day in the year and, it feels as important as Christmas. 

This year, we had a 3-day weekend because 26 July was on a Sunday and the government gave everyone Monday off. 

We had initially planned a 2-day holiday at the Kendeja with two other couples but in the end we didn't go to stay but the other 2 couples went to stay. It was kind of ironic because we convinced them to go in the first place.

Haresh, Kavita and myself went to join our friends on 26 July itself and spent the whole day there. It was really good fun. It seemed as if half of the polite society of Monrovia had turned up. 

We enjoyed seeing a cultural troupe performance around lunch time. Afterwards we lazed on the beach, followed by champagne in our friends' suites and talked until very late about life and relationships and the world. In the evening we had a late dinner at the pool only to found out that more than half of the dishes were not available. This is Kendeja!

We struck up a very interesting conversation with a scientist who had come into to have a preliminary discussion with a research institute in Liberia. We had to go but I was really enjoying asking him questions about viruses. 

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