Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Today is Decoration Day, a day when Liberians go to clean the graves of their loved ones. I imagine this year is going to be particularly hard because we lost so many people to ebola and, also many of them were cremated, a wholly alien practice. So many Liberians will not even have a grave to clean.

Ashamedly, I can't remember where Joseph Dennis is buried and have lost touch with his family. I would have gone to his grave otherwise. There are other friends too who have passed on and I need to visit their resting place. 

As it is in life, grief and happiness reside side by side. 

We spent a day out at Barracuda. The last time I was there was with Haresh's first cousin and wife, four or five years ago. It has really been developed by the proprieters since then. It is a fantastic place for families: an amazing water park, countless slides, see saw's, benches and palava huts. 

A wonderful day despite some sad memories and knowledge that many people in this country are grief stricken and overcoming a very difficult time. 

I don't have much experience of water parks but this one was quite fun and, I loved the giant mushrooms, umbrellas, and icky frogs in the shallow wading pool which Kavita was terrified to be in. 

I still don't know how to swim and hope Kavita doesn't inherit my fear of the ocean (or heights). 

Here are some of the more memorable photographs from the day. 


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