Saturday, 13 September 2014

Good morningggggg!

I am trapped in a vicious sleeping cycle. For the first ten days or so after I came back from Dubai, I was sleeping at 5 or 6 AM only to wake up around 3 PM.  Kavita's sleeping pattern was more or less the same thanks to me and, she was busy exploring and playing. She broke the honey jar one night and a small glass vase a couple of days after.  The pattern changed when I experimented with just staying up instead of going to sleep at 6 AM. One day we stayed up. Kavita was hyper active as ever. We went for an early morning walk and felt invigorated! My mother was also out for a walk and we spent the morning together. How curious to be awake when other people in the house were! We came home and  had parathas and eggs for breakfast. We went into town to town run some errands.  

I felt like a real human experiencing morning day light once again. So, now for the past few days, we stay up all morning and go to sleep at around 1 or 2 PM only to wake up again at 7 or 8 PM. 

My days and nights have no real beginning or end. It reminds me of how Anthony Hopkins explained how he does the southern American accent: it was like the beginnings and endings of words merged together and tumbled like dominoes one after another. This lyrical description of diction by one of the greatest actors has always stuck in my head.

In between the free moments I get, I keep myself busy contributing to the 'Keep Flying Social Media Campaign,' catching up on work e-mails and blogging. When you don't have to be anywhere, it is a great accomplishment just to make one's bed and keep one's things neat and tidy. 

I definitely feel like I'm in a limbo because almost all flights back to Liberia are suspended. It's extremely frustrating, an outrage, in fact. 

See photos of this morning's exploits in our garden. I am so happy with the results of my Q-Mobile's phone camera. 

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