Monday, 5 August 2013

A sad, sad day

Dear friends,

It is with a heavy and mournful heart that I inform you that Naomi is no more. She breathed her last on Friday, 2 August. I have written a small piece on our company blog "Sad Day." Please read it if you have a minute. 

I feel the typical feelings of anger, anguish, despair and helplessness in the face of death but these are exacerbated even more knowing the suffering this young lady went through. Moreover, because she did not have adequate financial resources herself, she was at the mercy of well wishers to help her. And even further, she had to rely on very poor medical care throughout her ordeal when she was in Liberia. 

Naomi's treatment in India gave her a momentary lapse but once she was back, the tumour spread again. We at NATC simply did not have the funds required to send her abroad again for the surgery she needed which might or might not have saved her life since the tumour was at an advanced stage when we found out she was ill to begin with. 

We can seek a little solace in the fact that with your help we briefly extended her life. We seek a little solace in the thought that her suffering has come to an end. May her soul rest in peace. 

If we open our eyes,  death, suffering, poverty and disease are around us. I guess one has to learn how to live with life and death and, accept these as natural cycles. But, is unnecessary suffering also a permanent condition? 

As Haresh always says, may we always have the desire and means to help those less fortunate and less healthy than us. 

Best regards,


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