Friday, 19 July 2013

Soggy Lunch

We got soggy parathas for lunch yesterday and, I posted on FB: "Nothing is worse than a soggy lunch." My friends respond:

"Flat beer?"
"Lukewarm wine?"
"Bad sex"?

I was bemused by the imaginations! I do not know in which universe "soggy lunch" can be interpreted as bad sex! 

So, I googled images of "Soggy Lunch" and here's what I find:

Honestly, I'm fed up of eating simple vegetarian fare almost every day. In the beginning, it was great to have daal, rotis, sabzi and sada chawal. There are some tasty South Indian treats, too, once in a while which we Pakistanis are not very familiar with. 

We only get chicken once in a while. Fish once in a blue moon. There's never been any red meat. I crave meat now to feel satisfied. 

Moreover, the tiffin is delivered quite late these days: lunch at 3 PM and dinner at 9 PM! You're hungry and, when you finally get to eat, it is soggy!

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