Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Office Warming Pictures

We just posted some pictures of our Office Warming Pictures on our company Facebook page "Office Warming." 

Here are some of my favourite ones (what sticks out among all of these pictures is my rice neck, caused by eating a lot of rice):

One of my favourite bits of the office is a lime green wall with a cool clock. That's where we parked our drinks. 

Three well-dressed and very professional waiters provided to us by Elite Rentals who also did our decorations.  I loved how their shirts matched our logo.

Haresh drives a point home!

Our star employee and head of our technical team - over time he has proven his dedication and loyalty. Let's give a big hand to Jonathan Barwon!

Love this photo because it shows an interesting scene. Guillaume Foutry, our marketing consultant, is explaining how he managed to get such good quality printing of the brochures we handed out during the event. The lady in the centre is the CEO of Cachelle Ink, the company which photographed our event. 

Again, it's a great scene and lots of stuff going on.

A wonderful group photo of some of our staff. 

Another great group photo!

Sweet picture of a happy couple! And by coincidence, their outfits matched!

Great picture with all three subjects thinking and doing something different.

Haresh and I argue over who will do the dishes while an important guest looks on amusedly!

I tried to give a toast but mostly forgot my well-rehearsed speech about creating and building a company culture, striving against the odds, believing in a dream, believing in local talent and so on: instead I just blurted out, I love being CEO and bossing people around! 

Cecelia raises her hand because I proudly pointed her out as the only female technician on our team. 

I gave Haresh a piece of the cake! Literally. 

Not on the official album but a funny picture nonetheless. Why has Haresh made such a face, as if I shoved a cactus up his a** and I am getting some sadistic pleasure? 

The official album description on Facebook goes like this: 

New Africa Technology Company (NATC) has been expanding its activities in Liberia and has become a one-stop solution for office IT issues. To support our growth,  we have moved to a bigger,  better and more modern office. To celebrate this important milestone,  we hosted “Office Warming” drinks at our new office on Wednesday,  28 March,  2012 for our esteemed clients,  business partners and friends. Delicious samosas from Taaj Restaurant (7th, Street, Sinkor) and juicy chicken nuggets from Monroe Chicken (Randall Street) were served. Home-made freshly squeezed pineapple and ginger juice was served along with some wine and Amaraula. Stylish decorations and very professional waiters were provided by Elite Rentals. Photographs were taken by Cachelle Ink.

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