Friday, 21 October 2011

I can't see Facebook

Recently, whenever I try to go to Facebook, this is the page that comes up:

It says 'this wiki does not exist.'

I googled Facebook is Being Re-Routed to Wiki and I got 10,400,000 results! Apparently,  being re-routed is pretty common.

The same problem was posted on a discussion on Yahoo! Canada and someone suggested cleaning out all the cookies through running a software which was free for download.

Another blogger posted about Facebook being re-routed to a certain Samuel Garcia's My Space profile. He thought it was because of a "DNS exploit." His advice to issue to open up the Administrator window (on Windows) and issue a command to flush out the cache and to clear out the cookies too. 

Since I am on a Mac and I use the Safari browser, I emptied the cache by clicking on Empty Cache in the Safari drop down menu. Next, I deleted all the cookies (Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Show Cookies - > Remove All). I typed Facebook again in my browser and it actually worked! 

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