Wednesday, 9 June 2010

From Accra

So here I am in Accra waiting to get on the Emirates flight to Dubai and then onwards to Islamabad.

I paid a little extra to get into the business class lounge. I thought I'd re-live my UN days when I use to treat myself to business class flights whenever I went home and also, now that I am the CEO of an IT company I need to have a proper place to write e-mails and do my work. The lounge itself is pretty classy and I'm glad I did this to while away about 6 hours.

I'm really enjoying the fact I have to do actual work sitting at the airport, punching out proposals and following up with stuff back in Monrovia. The sweet feeling is really that I can do this from anywhere as long as I remotely manage and provide enough tools and resources for my staff to keep the thing going.

I just found out we got a project approved - so yay!! I feel like a very powerful CEO of a small IT company.

I had many powerful memories bubble up from before but hey, it's part of the game.

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