Friday, 19 February 2010

My dearest Wesley

My dearest Wesley,

O dream of my dreams, desire of my desires, the one I loved and still love, it is Friday evening and the sun setting is spreading its usual golden light across the sky. This golden sunshine is coming through the sheer curtains that used to be in our living room and now are in my office.

The week has come to a close and you'll be happy to know we worked really hard. Your boys are performing phenomenally well. Our clients are happy with the service we are providing. Guess what? We have added a few more clients - including a big ass mining company. Cool eh? I'll take over the world for you! The business is steadily growing, we are going from strength to strength, building a pipeline of clients and projects. I've also put in expressions of interest for UNDP and for an American NGO. What's more, I'm gelling with your team. Can you imagine? I used to be such a terror to your office and now I have ended up working with them. They must be like, our luck, we have to work with the dragon lady. But no worries, I am working on my temper and have learned to chill out.

The funniest thing is that I totally understand your sense of humour now. Even Linga has picked up your mannerisms including joking around.

I think I have chilled out a little bit because I no longer work at a dysfunctional bureaucracy. I totally get how much you loved being your own boss and deciding your own fate.

I sometimes think this whole thing is surreal and you are not dead and I am not actually running YOUR company.

What else can I say on this Friday evening at 6:30 pm? I feel a sense of peace at this very moment thinking of you and all that you have left me behind. I think you left me a real opportunity and destiny. I think I can really make something of this.

My heart swells with pride for you thinking about this. I love you even more.

So my darling, please know I love you and you were the passion in life. I do not know whether I will ever see you again and which freaking form it will be. You know how you were a born-again aetheist and how much I was leaning towards it too? Well, my china, we're in a bit of a pickle. If there's no freaking thereafter, how the hell are we supposed to meet? So let me believe there's something after this life.

Love and many many kisses,

Your Faz

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