Sunday, 11 January 2009

Back in Liberia

It has been great to be back home here in Monrovia. It took me a week to adjust to the weather again but it is nice to be back in my space and in my element.

I took a walk around my neighbourhood of Mamba Point and passed by the American Embassy. I have always been amused by the fortress and the contrast of the kids playing close by, the handicraft shops, in general the colours of the local street life. So I just drew a picture instead. 

I transferred my data from my old laptop to my new one (Actually, my boyfriend did it). Doesn't it look like Wall-E and Eve?

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  1. Hello!!! I am so glad you are back home and all settled in. It's been so cool reading your blog. Happy New Year!! I love your photos by the way - they are really fab and so capture the combination of real life and beauty!